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This is my story. Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself in some of my past narratives, perhaps not, but one thing is certain – I’ve been where you are…and at times I loved it and at times I wanted to cry! But without my history, I wouldn’t be ready with the knowledge and experience to help you- which I am so excited about!

About Me

I am a Holistic Mompreneur. A title that I wholeheartedly love and fully accept.


I love being a mom, living my passion, AND making money!


I travel, spend time with my amazing son and hang out with people like you who share similar passions. I never feel like I'm "working" when I'm spending time with people who are committed to living a balanced and biohacked life.


Masterminding, Biohacking and Multitasking are my playgrounds! 


First, and mostly, I spend my time with my wonderful son, at our home in Phoenix Az.  We enjoy traveling adventures, sporting events, outdoor activities and going to the zoo.


Blended with all that bliss, I am a Professional Networker and Coach, who works with men and women that want to build a successful networking business. I'm also a Holistic Health Coach and Social Networker.


Believe me, if I didn’t love what I do and if I wasn’t THRILLED with every aspect of my life, there’s just no way I could pull all this off. I learned that lesson the hard way. Read on, or better yet, work with me and I’ll tell you the story during our first coaching session!


Holistic Health & Wealth Coach

Download my Vision Board Secrets E-Book.  It has my 10 steps to visualizing and creating a life you love.  Create a Happier, Healthier, & Wealthier YOU!

My History

I have a degree in Healthcare but my background is really in Hospitality. Full disclosure - I loved the Hospitality business, meeting new people, always busy, and always changing but when I had my son it was really hard to juggle long crazy hours and a family.  It was putting stress on my marriage and it killed me to be away from my son so much.

After I separated from my ex I needed to find a way to provide for my son and to be a PTO mom too.

The problem was my life was completely outta balance and I didn't feel like I had a real passion for anything.  But I knew I WANTED FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY and working 70 hours a week was not the life I wanted for us,

So I went back to the drawing board, what was my passion? Full disclosure - I had NO idea what my purpose was back then. And,  I hadn't even begun to wake up my soul. 

I navigated towards finding balance in my own body. Meditation, yoga, and hiking were a natural fit. As well as changing my diet to reflect my balanced lifestyle. 

Fast-forward a year and  I was totally fascinated and ALL IN. Natural and holistic  – that was me. But there was still something nudging at me. Something was still off, still missing. I didn't really have the time flexibility or financial freedom I wanted and knew was possible.

So I started thinking, manifesting....and I became that student again, allowing myself to be guided by others who were living the lifestyle I craved. That's when it hit me - I had to build a residual pipeline while staying true to myself!

Voila! Alignment! Passion! Time, flexibility and financial freedom!

I did it by sharing my love for Biohacking as there is simply no comparison in quality and as a business model.

I watched my income increase and kept working at Biohacking and the Manifestation process as everything in my life continued to align.

Now I coach others how to how to use biohacking to balance their health and build their own businesses with a modern sales model.


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