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3 Natural Medicine Options

Natural medicines can range from toothache pastes and remedies to full-body issues or more advanced medical problems. You may be looking for herbs that would work for a wide range of issues in an effort to replace chemical and over the counter medicines. If that is the case, there are…

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How Tiny Actions Can Make Huge Impacts

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams Do you remember how you felt when you had a tough day and a stranger smiled at you?  Or the time you helped your neighbor carry in her groceries…

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Feelings Are Stronger Than Thoughts

Among the different misconceptions about the law of attraction and manifesting, is one in particular – the universe does not recognize thoughts, it recognizes feelings. The reason visualization is so powerful in the law of attraction isn’t because you are thinking about what you want, but because it helps you…

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Health Benefits of Power Greens

The Health Benefits of Power Greens We all know it’s important to consume a fair share of greens on a daily. We know, deep down, that these greens are powerful nutritional storehouses, just waiting for us to take advantage of. They can even taste quite good if you know what…

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What Is the Law of Attraction?

What Is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction has been attributed to Buddhist philosophy, Karma, and/or some sort of universal force. Some sources liken it to gravity – it just exists. The law of attraction says that what you focus on, feel strongly and think about will ultimately…

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Herbs & Spices To Add To Your Diet

Herbs and Spices To Add To Your Diet When you think of superfoods, you may think of whole foods only. The truth is, there are many superfoods that can be found in herbs & spices as well. This means you can make your normal superfood meals, smoothies, or juices and…

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3 Spices That Help With Inflammation

Spices That Help With Inflammation There is a misconception that inflammation is something only people with muscle and joint injuries face. The truth is, you can have minor inflammation and resulting pain from changing your workout routine, adding strength training, or simply from being sick with a bad cold or…

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What Is Matcha Tea?

Who Knows What Matcha Tea is? If you follow the health circles, you might have heard matcha tea being mentioned. This is a type of green tea that simply means powdered tea. Matcha is a type of green powder that comes from green tea leaves, as opposed to just using…

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Fruits & Vegetables That Are Perfect For Hydroponics

Fruits & Vegetables That Are Perfect For Hydroponics As you can see, hydroponics is a great way to grow your own food in a small amount of space very quickly, but a few of the growth systems have limitations that might make growing food difficult or disappointing. This could result…

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What Is Hydroponics?

What is Hydroponics? Have you been searching for an interesting and inexpensive way to grow your favorite herbs and spices indoors? Then you might be interested in building a hydroponic grow system. To put it simply, hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. This efficient, cost-effective science has…

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