No Equipment Body Sculpting Workouts

If you are nervous about doing no equipment workouts because you don’t think it will build muscle, think again! Many of the moves are not only cardio based but can provide some excellent sculpting for your body. 

Leg Up Sit Ups

This is another version of a sit up that is really going to sculpt your abs, while also giving you an excellent leg and arm workout at the same time. You will start by lying down on your back, with your arms extended over your head and your legs straight out in front of you. While you start to move your upper body into a sit up, you will also be bringing your legs up toward your chest as you bend your knees. Touch your toes with your hands, then go back down and try to repeat for 10 reps.

Spider Crawl

A disclaimer for this move is that you need to have strong wrists before you do this workout. It is a really good arm and shoulder workout that also uses full body muscles, but it can be hard on the wrists. For the spider crawl. Start by sitting on the ground with your knees bent and your arms behind you, with hands flat on the ground. Now lift your butt off the ground and start crawling backward on your hands and feet. Go a few feet back, then a few feet forward.

Mountain Climbers

If you have ever done a plank or HIIT workouts, you are probably accustomed to mountain climbers. This is going to start you off with a full plank with your hands on the ground and legs reached behind you, but instead of just holding a plank, you bring one leg in toward your chest, then the other leg. Continue as if you were climbing up a mountain, but while holding the plank.

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