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I know you’re busy but if you have a minute or two I’d love to tell you a little bit about myself.


 I believe the secret to success is being happy and healthy. And the key to being happy and healthy is balance.  Consciously creating a healthy body and mind.   Living your best life with an awakened soul, having a vision, and a healthy body.  Everyone dreams of being their own boss, most people call it being an entrepreneur I call it being a mompreneur. And, if I can do it so can you! You may have read my Meet Me page, but there is more to my story that I would like to share with you...




Happier ~ Healthier ~ Holistic = YOU Living the Life YOU Deserve

See What People Just Like You Are Sayig...


As a woman in my mid 30's living my best single mom life, I've noticed the toll stress and fast-paced life can have on a body. 

I have always been nutrition & fitness centered in my daily habits but I found that something was still missing.  I started on NRF activation and probiotic about a year ago and have never felt better.

I also have Ulcerative Colitis and it has helped tremendously with my digestion despite my disease!!!  I couldn't have been more pleased.

Christine MacIntosh

Be, Have, & Do More In Life

When you are in alignment, living a balanced life the past thoughts of "I don't have time,"  or "I'm not that lucky" will be so far behind you, you won’t even recognize yourself and your NEW mindset.  When you follow your passion, you will notice an increasing supply of:


  • Happiness
  • Fulfillment
  • Inspiration
  • Financial Abundance
  • Physical and Spiritual Health
  • Increased Awareness (no more "brain fog" or "mommy brain")
  • Ambition and Opportunities
  • Stronger and More Meaningful Relationships



Are You A Goal-Getter & Looking For Your Perfect Wellness Gig?

Wait what? Yes, of course, I'm talking to you! I know you've been thinking about a side hustle. And I know you have BIG, HUGE, CRAZY DREAMS that make you excited and nervous at the same time.



How do I know this? Because you are here reading my page instead of doing laundry or scrolling Facebook. Am I right? 


Ok, Seriously, How do I know?


Because just a few short years ago I was standing right there in the same steps.  Nervous, excited, confused, and not knowing where or how to start.


But you know what?


I took that first scary step! I made a conscious decision to focus on holistic health and creating wealth. I activated my mind, body, soul and that has rewarded me in more ways than I could ever have ever imagined.  


You wanna know my secrets?


I'll give you one...ok two...


I live a biohacked life and I found an awesome tribe! 


Wanna know the rest of my secrets?


Start Creating Your Activated Life

Do you ever feel like you are just trying to survive? Trying to make it through the day,  the week, or until the next paycheck?  You just to keep floating along with no direction,  hoping for change.


Sound Familiar? Yeah, I thought so! I was there too!


Learn my secret to living an ACTIVATED life where you can THRIVE and not just SURVIVE.


Download my FREE e-book "Vision Board Secrets" A step by step training all about how to visually map out your future and design your life.

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